Tapes Label

Program for orghanizing your home videos

This program is specially designed to keep track all your personal/family self-recorded video tapes. No more question about where it is, what is on the tape, when it was recorded, amount of space free etc. You can filtering the records by user defined categories or by different format like Hi-8 , Mini-DV.

Some of the features included are:

  • Both monochrome/color version included
  • Unlimited number of tapes
  • Sorted by tape label
  • Filtering by user defined categories
  • Filtering by different tape format
  • Speed SP/LP/EP supported
  • Each tapes can have up to 8 different segments with their start time, end time, date taken, description and note
  • Each segments have it own note field

Organize your camcorder cassettes with this handy application for Palm PDAs.

Tapes Label


Tapes Label 1.0